Helping families document once in a lifetime events 

Perhaps you just learned you're going to have a baby, are just starting to try, or you happen to be the only photographer someone expecting knows. 1 Life 1000 Words is here to help you get ready for a lifetime of photographing your new family.

We are also starting a project to build resources to encourage organizations and schools to develop yearbooks and projects to document and preserve memories.

Families have lots on their plate during a pregnancy and making photographs is easy to push down the list of priorities. The last thing you want to do is miss a moment that can't be relived. In all the excitement it is easy to forget, or not be ready to capture them. Unfortunately there are also increasing reports of hospitals that are restricting photography by families, not to mention the bewildering array of technical questions raised by digital photography. 

No matter your level of expertise with a camera, we created the 1 Life 1,000 Words Foundation to help you become a better photographer and open doors to photo opportunities. The sister to this site, 1life1000words.comis for parents and photographers and will be worth bookmarking and visiting often as we add content.


Inspiring by example

When our parents were pregnant with us photography had a much different role in our lives. It wasn't so long ago that dads weren't even allowed to be in the delivery room. Today it isn't uncommon to find very intimate photos and videos of child birth on the Internet for the whole world to see. Each family needs to find their own comfort zone with photography of private moments and we'll try to help you decide what feels right for you.

If this is your first pregnancy there are many stages in a pregnancy you might want to capture for posterity like ultra sound appointments, your changing physique, preparing your home for the new arrival and the photo opportuniies continue through delivery. The key point is you can't turn back the clock to capture these experiences so our sister site will strive to inspire you to be an active recorder without taking you out of the experience. We'll also address technical issues related to photography and computers with your needs in mind.

There will also be situations you may not be ready for, or not be able to photograph because you'll have your hands full. We are developing a network of photographers that can help in those situations too. As we build the database of photographers interested in working with families and assisting with emergency situations we hope to lay a foundation of skills for photographers that probably weren't part of their professional training.  

If you know a photographer we should get to know, or are a photographer interested in participating, drop us a note. And as you connect with medical professionals and facilities in your area let us know how photo friendly they are. We will be building a directory that tracks this information for other families. There are some hospitals that are not comfortable with cameras and we want to help them get over this fear, and help photographers be sensitive to the hospital policies that are hard to dispute.

The power of photography to preserve memories and heal in times of need must be better appreciated and practiced when it comes to pregnancy, child birth and raising a family. We hope you share our vision and can support our goals in any way possible.